Grammy-nominated. Respected by peers. Revered by fans. An unstoppable force. Tougher than a prison yard. Architects of positive, uplifting anthems that require and demand crowd participation. That’s Hatebreed, top to bottom, back to front. This Connecticut hardcore/metal institution has been demolishing its way around the globe since 1994. Not many bands can enjoy that kind of longevity, but Hatebreed have made “being a career band” look easy. They’ve endured typical band “issues” like changing members and record labels, but through it all, they’ve never compromised and never looked back, instead choosing to charge ahead and make the most brutal, boot-to-the-teeth music they can. And here they are, 15 years into their storied career, which includes four stints on the quintessential summer tour Ozzfest, racking up more appearances than any other band other than Ozzy himself; there are countless magazine covers (including a forthcoming issue of American metal Bible, Revolver); a Grammy nomination for “Live For This” from 2004’s The Rise of Brutality; a debut album, Satisfaction is the Death of Desire, that is considered a classic release by fans and critics alike; a front-man who was invited to serve as the first host of the exhumed Headbanger’s Ball on MTV2; and countless fans who hail from all walks of life. Go to a Hatebreed show and you’ll see dudes, girls, and casual metal fans with a soft spot for Hatebreed. Hatebreed’s music is like a universal language that so many speak and comprehend.

With special guests ...

Shadows Fall
The Contortionist